Stage Stop Gourmet Sundaes
101 N 3rd Street • Westcliffe, CO 81252 • 719-735-0323

What do you love about the Wet Mountain Valley?

I remember the first time we came up out of Hardscrabble Canyon and saw the incredible view of the Sangre de Cristo range. That was almost 20 years ago, and that view still takes my breath away. My husband and I have come to love the town, the people, and the lifestyle of the valley.

How did you end up owning a business in Custer County?

When we first started coming to the valley, we enjoyed stopping for ice cream at the Stage Stop. The place was very popular in the summertime. When it closed down, we wondered why someone didn’t re-open it. It seemed like a perfect location and gathering spot for the locals in town. After a year or two of wondering, we decided let’s give it a try ourselves!

How important is tourism and visitor spending to your business?

Tourism is very important to our business as it is with most businesses in town. It is also important to us that Stage Stop serves the local community, which is why we are committed to staying open year-round.

How did COVID impact your business?

2020 was only our second year in business at Stage Stop and the first year we were open all summer. We took the necessary precautions and had a pretty good year. We hope that some ice cream helped folks a little bit to get through a tough year.

What are some of your favorite things about owning a tourism-related business in Westcliffe?

My favorite thing is the kids. I love to see young people come to Stage Stop, from all over the country, and enjoy our ice cream and other fun food on a summer day in our town.

~Nancy Yandrofski