Stunning scenery fills the easy drive into Custer County. Avoid I-70’s traffic by taking two lane highways that wind over mountain passes and slip through canyons. Centrally-located, we are not far from many of Colorado’s biggest cities. Small, private planes are also welcome to fly into Westcliffe’s Silver West Airport.

Denver to Westcliffe

Colorado Springs to Westcliffe

Pueblo to Westcliffe

Grand Junction to Westcliffe

Durango to Westcliffe

Are you flying into Colorado and want to visit Custer County? We’re just over 1.5 hours from the Colorado Springs Municipal Airport and two hours and forty-five minutes from the Denver International Airport.

Colorado Springs Airport to Westcliffe

Denver International Airport to Westcliffe

Private planes are welcome to fly directly into the Silver West Airport in Westcliffe. Visit for more information on landing directly in Westcliffe.