The Wet Mountain Valley sits between the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range to the west and the Wet Mountain Range to the east, making for dramatic views in every direction.

Undisturbed ranchland reminiscent of Colorado’s earliest days stretches across the valley. Horses and cattle roam. Foxes and pronghorn antelope make their homes in fields and pastures irrigated by spring runoff.

As spring turns to summer, the lower valley turns a rich green, dotted with blue hag irises, Indian paintbrush and other alpine wildflowers. Afternoon storms roll over the peaks like waves. If clouds linger, sunsets turn them pink and orange.

By fall, patterns cross mown hayfields, and huge bales stand ready to feed livestock through the winter. Wetlands to the north reflect the changing leaves, awaiting winter’s freeze.

Come discover the unparalleled beauty of Westcliffe and Custer County for yourself.


[Image of Antelope Valley Ranch and Donkey Sanctuary by Christoph Stopka]