Wheeler Farm & Westcliffe Cheese Co.

The story of Wheeler Farm and Westcliffe Cheese Co. is one of hard work, dedication, innovation, and finding a home and community as part of the Wet Mountain Valley’s storied ranching and farming heritage.

Before their move to Westcliffe, where they settled at the mesmerizing base of the Sangre de Cristo range, this hardworking farming family cut their teeth on a half-acre market garden in Penrose, Colorado. They started with a flock of laying hens before expanding to include pigs, meat chickens, turkeys, and dairy goats. During this time, they would attend farmers markets where they sold a vast array of quality products. They worked diligently, putting in long hours and thoughtful care, and the farm grew.

As operations continued to expand, so did their passion for Saanen dairy goats. Once their beloved herd outgrew the first farm they built, they sought a new location to set up shop. The Wet Mountain Valley’s picturesque landscape and skyscraping mountains spoke to them, and the abundant grazing land spoke to the goats.

The move to Westcliffe proved fruitful as the family-owned farm transitioned into a dairy operation. In 2020, they received a dairy license, constructed a licensed creamery, and created the Westcliffe Cheese Company.

Today, the delicious cheese they craft comes solely from the milk of their herd of American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) Saanen dairy goats. They participate in the Dairy Herd Improvement Registry (DHIR) testing program, which includes year-round monitoring of the herd’s health, milk volume, and components. The high-quality products of the Westcliffe Cheese Co. are celebrated locally and throughout the state. Make sure to pick up some for yourself as soon as possible.

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