Trails for All is a grassroots, all volunteer nonprofit partnering with the U.S. Forest Service to steward the trails of this region for all users. We devote ourselves to the conservation, safety, reclamation and clearing of trails for people who love communing with nature. These trails could always use new workers like you.  Come join us!


TRAIL MAINTENANCE > Trails for All partners with the U.S. Forest Service in clearing and maintaining key trails in the San Isabel National Forest. Since 2021, we have given over thousands of hours of loving care to some of the 444 miles of trails in the San Carlos Ranger District. We do this work to remove the obstacles standing in the way of nature lovers seeking adventure, solitude and well-being.

TRAIL RESOURCES > Trails for All has an updated 2nd Edition: Hiking Guide for the Sangre de Cristo and Wet Mountains. This comprehensive reference guide provides valuable technical details for San Isabel Forest trails and includes experiential details and personalized photos. Trails for All also publishes single sheet excerpts of popular hikes from the hiking guide for those wanting a quick reference for just a trail or two.

Both of these products are available at All the Range in downtown Westcliffe. The 2nd Edition Hiking Guide for the Sangre de Cristo and Wet Mountains can also be purchased online at


Our primary role in the Wet Mountain Valley is to assist the San Carlos District of the U.S. Forest Service with the maintenance of trails. There are over 400 miles of trails in the San Carlos District and the need for maintenance is ever increasing. Over the past couple of decades, pine beetles have taken a toll on our forests. After the winter and spring winds whip through the mountains, trails in heavily infested areas require clearing every year. Every summer, at least 25 volunteers lend a hand on one or more of our work outings. We daylight trails, work to control erosion and remove other obstacles. Together, we breathe the fresh mountain air, get plenty of exercise, make new friends and have a good time working together. Sign up to volunteer on our website.

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