Preserving History, Promoting the Future

The Southern Colorado Space Museum is based in Custer County but it’s main collection is located at the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum which is located next door to the Pueblo Airport. We also have a small display in the terminal of the Silver West Airport in Custer County.
The mission of the Southern Colorado Space Museum and Learning Center is to preserve the history and promote the future of the space program, inspiring and igniting the imaginations of young and old alike.
One of our goals is to provide field trips to school students from Custer County School. The museum display consists of over 1500 pieces of memorabilia and artifacts from the conception of the space age up to current space projects. Some of the more notable items are the last remaining main rocket engine from the Delta II rocket program which was based here in Colorado as well as the last remaining 1st stage oxygen tank that held 10,000 gals. of liquid oxygen. Or the half million dollar space suit that was donated by Lockheed Martin. The display holds over a hundred large and small scale models of all kinds of space craft.
We hope that a visit to the museum is a learning experience for everyone.
Steve Janssen, Museum Curator

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