A Painted View Ranch , a working horse ranch and a private event center, is nestled in one of the state’s most beautiful and unspoiled areas, the Wet Mountain Valley at the base of the Sangre de Cristo mountains of Custer County,  Colorado. The ranch is committed to perpetuating the western and ranching lifestyle through equestrian events, music and community service. They hold dear the values and work ethic a life living close to the land provides.

A Painted View Ranch also offers riding lessons, boarding and training.

The owner has a keen interest in Western Native American cultures and a passion for horses. Her passion for Native American Horses led her to her association with the Nokota® Horse Conservancy, a nonprofit preserving a rare American horse breed which is being used for all types of disciplines. The ranch has fifteen Nokotas and is a preservation breeder.
The Nokotas® are wild horses of the northern plains have inhabited the Little Missouri Badlands which are now encompassed by the Theodore Roosevelt National Park for more than a century and are descendants of Chief Sitting Bull’s herd
The Old West starts at A Painted View Ranch. A visit is always worth the trip.
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