Westcliffe and Silver Cliff are proud members of Colorado Stargazing, and we invite you to “Protect the Night” in partnership with Dark Sky Colorado.

What Are International Dark Sky Places?

International Dark Sky Places are communities that have met strict dark sky guidelines, established lighting ordinances, and completed a thorough application process displaying unwavering devotion to cutting down light pollution and protecting the night.

In 2015 Silver Cliff and Westcliffe were honored to be named the world’s ninth International Dark Sky Community and the first in Colorado!

What’s the Deal with Light Pollution?

At night when there’s too much artificial light, our view of the stars becomes obstructed. If that wasn’t bad enough, light pollution also compromises our health and is terrible for the environment.

Thankfully, Things Are Better in Colorado

Did you know that 80% of people cannot see the night sky as clearly as we do in Colorado? We are incredibly fortunate, and that’s why we need to continue protecting the night. 

What Can You Do at Home to Keep Skies Dark for Optimal Stargazing?

  • When using lights at night, always make sure it’s necessary. 
  • Keep lights at the lowest level possible. Never have a light brighter than needed.
  • As much as possible, use warmer colored lights.
  • Be thoughtful about installing and using outdoor lighting, and keep your blinds closed at night.

How About Light While Camping?

  •  If light is needed, only light your site. 
  •  Ensure your lights are shielded. 
  • When in use, point your lights down.
  • Utilize warmer light colors such as red. 
  • Forego string lighting and other unnecessary light.
  • Avoid driving in the camping area while it’s dark.

Learn more about how you can Protect the Night with Dark Sky Colorado.