Planet Walk is a permanent, interpretive, free exhibit of the Solar System at a scale of 4 billion-to-one set up in the beautiful Colorado mountain towns of Westcliffe and Silver Cliff. Experience what our solar neighborhood would be like if the Sun was only 14 inches in diameter with the spectacular Sangre de Cristo mountain range in the background.

The Main Street Space Odyssey begins with the Sun at the west end of Main Street in Westcliffe. Follow the beautifully illustrated interpretive signs east up Main Street on a journey past the planets to the outer reaches of the Solar System extending through Silver Cliff and beyond.

Your experience is enriched by engrossing and enlightening audio guides accessed through your smartphone by reading QR Codes on each sign. These guides target three different age groups and provide a fun adventures for the entire family.

While traversing the exhibit and learning about our Solar System, take time on your journey to enjoy the beautiful views, small shops, art galleries, and eating establishments along the way.

Note: The walking portion is just over a mile in length (6,850 feet). The sidewalk then ends and you are encouraged to drive or bike the remaining 3.5 miles to discover more of the outer Solar System including Pluto, the Dwarf planets, and Pioneer and Voyager Spacecraft exhibits.

Enhance your experience by making reservations online for a guided Star Party at our world-renowned Smokey Jack Observatory and see the real planets and wonders of the universe through a state-of-the-art telescope.

Come where the skies are darkest and the stars shine brightest…

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