Willow Wind Farm: Grow. Gather. Inspire.

Growing and Gathering natural fibers since 2013. Doing it in the Wet Valley since 2020. Inspiring the creation of casual outerwear and home goods which deliver superior warmth and comfort while uniquely supporting like-minded ranchers across the U.S.A.

We are a U.S.A. grown fiber proposition and a U.S.A. processed product on a mission. Willow Wind Goods.

Willow Wind Farm is the home to roughly 150 glorious fiber growing alpacas and colored merino sheep. Our mission is to focus on selective breeding and care of the critters and the nurturing of our native high-altitude grasslands to create and promote all natural fiber outerwear and utility items while also striving to be self-sufficient in our efforts.

We have a large selection of home grown high end yarn; alpaca, merino and alpaca merino blends often colored with dyed silks for color. So if you are knitter, crocheter or weaver, you wont be disappointed.

Learn more about our journey here.

We love visitors and are open to tours by reservation only on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 2pm. Please make your reservation 24 hours in advance.

Come and meet our beautiful herd and get up close and personal with our operation. Contact the owner Annie Hunt at 303-547-0910 or email Annie@willowwindfarm.net