Wellness, as defined by The Global Wellness Institute, is “the active pursuit of activities, choices, and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health.” The Wet Mountain Valley has everything you need to experience a refreshing, rejuvenating getaway while heightening your overall wellness.

The soaring peaks of the Sangre de Cristo and Wet Mountain Ranges, the wide open spaces and vast sky, and the lush green landscape serve as your introduction to the seemingly unlimited wellness tourism activities we offer.

A visit to this region provides a unique opportunity for a digital detox. Increase wellness by turning off the constant influx of emails, text messages, social media, and news cycles of the man-made world in order to benefit fully from the world of nature. Almost instantly, you’ll feel the quiet, the lack of crowds and urgency, the slower pace, and the peace that surrounds you.

Head to the trees for the Japanese art of forest bathing. This simple, rewarding practice of experiencing calm and quiet within the forest while taking in nature is proven to naturally improve health and well-being.

Feel the gentleness of cutting through the still waters of our serene recreational lakes. Notice the stress melt from your shoulders on one of our many hiking trails. Delight in an afternoon of birding and allow the unique and colorful birds to fill your heart and soothe your soul. Become one with your tranquil surroundings through horseback riding, biking, or camping.

Both Westcliffe and Silver Cliff are recognized as International Dark-Sky Association Designated Communities. This coveted designation recognizes that our high elevations, low humidity, and low levels of light pollution make our dark skies ideal for stargazing. When it comes to wellness tourism, the benefits of stargazing cannot be overstated, and like so many wellness activities in the Wet Mountain Valley, the cost is free, and the reward is priceless.

Lower your stress and increase your wellness today by booking a trip to slow down and live mindfully in the Wet Mountain Valley.