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Story Pitch: The World’s Brightest Stars Draw People to Westcliffe in Colorado’s Wet Mountain Valley

By June 1, 2021 No Comments

The night sky is today’s hottest tourist destination. 

Perhaps it’s because light pollution is on the rise across ever-expanding cities and people are forever seeking something they can’t get at home. Regardless, there is definitely a rise in astro-tourism.

In Colorado and beyond, people are flocking to the Wet Mountain Valley, where the Westcliffe/Silver Cliff community gained an International Dark Sky Community Designation in 2015, making it the first designated Dark Sky Community in Colorado, the highest in the world, and one of the best places on the planet to view the stars.

Westcliffe’s Bluff Park is the go-to spot for stargazing because there you’ll find the Smokey Jack Observatory, which features a free telescope and stargazing events, such as Milky Way Photography Workshops, Public Star Parties, and presentations by astronauts and other experts in the field. For more information on Dark Skies’ events, visit

Once in the Wet Mountain Valley, visitors can enjoy world-class outdoor recreation, a growing and exciting art and cultural scene, and world-class music events like the High Mountain Hay Fever Festival and the High Peaks Music Festival. For more information on Custer County, visit

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Lindsay Diamond