The historic town of Hillside is a 9-acre property anchoring the north end of the Wet Mountain Valley, just 12 miles north of Westcliffe on

Hwy 69. This property has served as a local community hub for the Hillside ranching community since the early 1900’s and is marked by a brown and yellow “Hillside” sign at the entrance to the property.

Hillside’s famous post office resembles a small house from a century back, with a front porch, white siding and green trim. Not only does it continue to send and receive mail, it’s also a meeting place for locals to catch up over a cup of coffee.

A grove of historic black willow trees, rumored to be the oldest in the state, shade the post office and nearby Hillside Hall, once the most hopping dance hall in the valley. Now a refurbished venue for both private and public events, the Hillside Hall was previously home for the Grange, an agricultural association popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Five beautifully renovated cottages for vacation rentals are also located on-site and available for individual or group reservations. These buildings were repurposed and restored from structures previously relocated from a local mining site, and highlight the original wood floors and beautiful wood beam structures of days gone by. More about these cottages can be found here: Hillside Cottages

Today, the town of Hillside is best utilized as a gathering place for weddings, reunions, and other public or private group events up to 150 guests under the canopy of the Black Willow Grove and inside the beautifully restored Hillside Hall. 18 guests can stay overnight in the five cottages, making this scenic private property the perfect setting for life-long memory making.