Sugarlump Co.
202 Main Street • Westcliffe, CO 81252 • 719.733.7628

What do you love about the Wet Mountain Valley?

I love the small-town feel of Westcliffe. It provides a safe community for raising families. I like knowing the cashier at the grocery store, saying hello to our mail lady and knowing that neighbors are watching out for each other.

How did you end up owning a business in Custer County?

I’ve always wanted to own a business. My sister and I have worked together at a previous job, she brings creativity, and together we are able to bring new ideas to the table. Additionally, I felt like God really aligned the right circumstances for this to happen when it did. Sugarlump’s original intent was to fill a need in the community and bring people together in a safe and welcoming space.

How important is tourism and visitor spending to your business?

Tourism is obviously a big part of what we do. We offer a range of food, drinks, gifts, and souvenirs. As do most downtown businesses, we rely on tourism to boost sales that keep us running year-round. As much as we rely on tourism we also adore our locals and enjoy serving the year-round residents of the valley.

How did COVID impact your business?

COVID had a huge impact on our initial business launch. It took us to takeout only nine days after our grand reopening and curbside about a week after that. It forced us to be creative and think outside the box for ways to serve during this unprecedented time. This also prompted our free kids’ lunch program which still exists today. I think COVID has taught us all life lessons and the importance of community.

What are some of your favorite things about owning a tourism-related business in Westcliffe?

Getting to meet new people from all over is definitely something we enjoy about the tourist season. We enjoy watching people come on vacation and spend time with their families and be refreshed by the beauty of the valley. Sugarlump Co. is a business that longs to bring people and community together and provide a safe place to gather and enjoy the people around them. Summer tourism brings that to an ultimate and gives us more opportunities to reach out and impact people outside the valley.

~Jolie Epp