Andy Mast Fine Art
118 Main Street • Westcliffe, CO 81252 • 719.431-9973

What do you love about the Wet Mountain Valley?

The slower, quiet pace and way of life. The ranching and agricultural roots, the small-town community and its people. Access to the wilderness and the never-ending inspiration for my art in the picturesque Sangre de Cristo and Wet Mountain Valley.

How did you end up owning a gallery in Custer County?

I wanted to be an artist at an early age. I have always loved the American West. It’s the loyal collectors and followers that enabled me to open my own working studio gallery on Main St. In a small arts community and lifestyle I love. It is a dream come true.

How important is tourism and visitor spending to your business?

Tourism is important for my business. Every year my work is discovered by new people throughout the country and around the globe who have an appreciation for art, and this place we are fortunate to call home.

How did COVID impact your business?

I was definitely impacted by COVID. Fewer visitors, meaning less exposure for my art. However, people that found my work were still willing to purchase. Considering the pandemic and what we all experienced, I am grateful and still had a good year.

What are some of your favorite things about owning a tourism-related business in Westcliffe?

Being able to do what I love. My art is my passion. Meeting new people. The value of relationships. The friendships that develop through my work are what make the long hours worth it all. Researching in the field, exploring the many nooks and crannies tucked in the Valley and the Sangres. The history and heritage of this community. The skies, the space, the land, the light, the animals, and friends provide a lifetime of inspiration in this Valley.

~Andy Mast