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What do you love about the Wet Mountain Valley?

The remote part and the amazing playground in the Sangres. It is an incredible outdoor experience. It gives us the opportunity to have a great adventure.

How did you end up owning a mountaineering business in Custer County?

We have roots here. My wife’s parents built a home here about thirty years ago and retired here. We lost them and my wife wanted to save the house. I have always wanted to open a gear store. The opportunity was meant to be. We needed a shop here with great gear and the experience and knowledge to back it up. I know the business and area very well.

How important is tourism and visitor spending to your business?

Tourism is extremely important to our business. We are deeply grateful for everyone who walks through the door. We have an amazing clientele from the surrounding areas as well as a lot of locals. We have returning customers from around the globe.

What are some of your favorite things about owning a tourism-related business in Westcliffe?

We meet people from all over the world. We help them with great info about accessing the outdoors, planning an outdoor adventure and provide them with the right outdoor products to support that adventure.

We teach them about things they have never seen or known about. We believe in education in the outdoors for the protection of the environment as well as keeping people safer and from needing rescue.

It’s great to see and hear about their adventures. We get pictures, videos, and cards from so many thanking us for everything.

What are you looking forward to in 2022?

We are very excited to be expanding our shop at 212 Main Street in Westcliffe. There will be a fresh new look to the shop in addition to new products. Many exciting things to come! We look forward to fulfilling all of your adventure/outdoor needs in 2022!

~Tom & Taurin Dimler