Custer County’s forests and wilderness provide a wide variety of camping opportunities for those seeking the tranquility of sleeping under the stars or sitting around an open fire*.

Custer County not only has hundreds of miles of trails for backcountry camping, conveniently located campgrounds accommodate tents and RVs. Looking up at rugged, 14,000-foot peaks and nestled among aspens and ponderosa pine, our designated campgrounds offer quick access to a multitude of outdoor activities.

Check out our map below to find your ideal Wet Mountain Valley campground. Before you know it, you’ll be hiking from your tent to a high alpine lake or gazing up at our phenomenal night sky.

*Note: Outdoor burning is often restricted in Custer County, particularly during dry times in the summer. Check with the U.S. Forest Service office in Silver Cliff or the Custer County Sheriff’s Office before planning to build an outdoor fire—or even cook on a grill outdoors.

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