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Cheryl Swartz Jewelry

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103 S 2nd St, Westcliffe | 719-371-5068 | website

All About Cheryl

The majority of her work is made by fabrication, which means the metal is directly worked by tools and by hand.

Cheryl’s one-of-a-kind pieces are designed around remarkable gemstones and often feature her handmade Roman chains. She has stunningly mastered use of gold and silver. Cheryl also incorporates an ancient technique called KumBoo into some of her original designs. This is an overlay process using 24K gold to create patterns on silver.

“Artistically, my goal is to combine ancient techniques with my contemporary concepts, into an elegant piece with a look of timeless beauty. Often an unusual gemstone is the inspiration for the composition. Occasionally, my work will reflect a bit of humor or whimsy.” – Cheryl