With over 52 lakes and 370 miles of streams in Custer County, it would take you over a year of weekends to travel to them all.

HIGH COUNTRY LAKES – These fishing holes require a little effort to reach, however they are worth it. The scenic vistas and fishing opportunities in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains are great! Here are few lakes to enjoy:

VENABLE LAKES – Great for backpacking or horseback trips. The two lakes have brookies and other trout. The lakes are seven miles from Alvarado Campground. This is a very popular fishing site.

SOUTH COLONY LAKES – This a beautiful hike. There are two lakes and adjacent streams which are 11,000 feet above sea level. The upper lake is a pretty steep climb, but beautiful. The lakes are rated fair for trout. Take Hwy 69 south of town. The lakes are southwest of Westcliffe.

RAINBOW LAKE – Located west of Hillside at 10,000 feet above sea level. Rainbow Lake has rainbow trout.

HERMIT & HORSESHOE LAKES – These are among the area’s most popular and easily accessible high-country lakes. Brooks, browns and native trout are mostly what you will find. You can four-wheel drive to Hermit Lake and nearby Horseshoe Lake by taking Hermit Road west of Westcliffe. Caution: 4-wheel drive suggested to the Beaver Dams and Hermit Lake, a must to the summit. Good judgement must be exercised, even with four-wheel drive vehicles. 

GOODWIN LAKE – With brooks and native trout, this is a typical high-country lake with an elevation of 11,000 feet. There are campsites at the lake and along the stream. This can be accessed from Alvarado Campground southwest of Westcliffe.

COMANCHE LAKE – Offers good fishing and one of the most heavily used lakes in the range. It is accessed from Alvarado Campground.

MACY LAKES – Consists of three lakes above 10,000 feet offering a fair chance of catching some native trout. Macy Creek is popular for catching brook trout in the area around the lake. The lakes are located southwest of Westcliffe and a good hike from Horn Creek Trailhead.

SAND CREEK LAKE – MUSIC MOUNTAIN PASS – Take Hwy 69 south to Hwy 119, Colfax Lane to Music Pass Trailhead and campground.

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