Ten Reasons the Frontier Pathways Scenic Byway Arts and

Antiques Tour is Great for the Mind, Body, and Soul


A robust antique collection can bring joy and is a great source of conversation. Add to your collection of favorite, one-of-a-kind items in a Florence antique shop.

Take your walls from boring to amazing with artwork. Even a single piece adds depth and character to a room. Purchase a unique piece of artwork from a Westcliffe gallery and make your walls (and you) happy.



Experience the thrill of looking for and finding a certain antique in Florence.  With so many antique shops in Florence, the chances of finding what you’re looking for are high.

Meditate on art.  Few activities carry you away and clear your mind like visiting art galleries. Being in communion with creativity helps to calm and clear the mind. Restore a sense of calm while visiting a Westcliffe art gallery.



Be unique. Decorate your home with antiques and create an environment unlike any other.

Ignite creativity. Nothing boosts your own personal creativity more than visiting art galleries. Seeing how artists use various media as creative expression will only increase your own desire–and ability–to do the same.



Connect with days gone by.  Antiques and collectibles bridge the gap between the present and all eras of the past. Find treasures that resonate with your childhood, your parents’ childhood, or those of your ancestors.

Reduce stress. In today’s fast-paced world, stress seems to be part of everyday life. If you visit an art gallery for an hour, it will help you feel more relaxed, and it will also provide relief from your stress.



See the views. Looking for roads lined with trees that feature the full-color spectrum as the seasons change? How about picturesque panoramas from Colorado’s mountainous regions? The Frontier Pathways Scenic Byway offers this and more. 

Steer clear of traffic. Opt for a scenic drive and leave the stress of traffic behind.

Frontier Pathways road sign marking scenic byway